Top 5 things never to forget while going on wildlife safari

Going on a wildlife safari is vitalizes-refreshing experience especially for people living in cities. However, a wildlife safari is not like a visit to cinema hall and one needs to take into account several things in order to make sure that their wildlife safari like Pench National Park safari provides desirable and memorable experience than being a woeful experience.

The first thing to remember is that the tiger safari providing authorities have highlighted some rules and regulations for desirable safari experience; and one should make it a point to follow them.

  • The second thing that one should not forget is to refrain from doing some activities like carrying inflammable objects, blowing horns or playing loud music, etc while going  to Jungle Safaris.
  •  The third rule to follow is to avoid offering eatables to wildlife animals and birds since they are well taken care by the authorities.
  • The fourth thing one should not forget is to drive slowly since the terrain is difficult to negotiate and animals might get harmed if not taken care of.
  • While going from hotels and resorts at Pench to the national park, final rule imperative to follow are to have sufficient drinking water at your disposal.
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