How to select good accommodation in Pench National Park?

Once you have finalized your visit to Pench National Park, the next big question is how to hunt for a good accommodation Pench which is one of the best national parks of India. Yes, where to stay? The normal length of stay in a Pench Tiger Reserve can be 2-4 nights depending on several factors. If you are on a precise mission in Pench Tiger Reserve, i.e. following a story, or photo documenting Royal Bengal Tigers, then the duration of stay can be even greater than 6 nights.

Here are a few important points to remember prior to choosing your accommodation in Pench National Park:



This is completely your call. There are jungle lodges and even pench resorts for every budget near the national park. From branded pench resorts, luxury hotels, budget lodges, value for money lodges, boutique hotels to simple lodges or home stays, you can select the one that suits your pocket.



Once you are done with selecting pench national park tour packages, it is significant to know the locality of the stay that you are selecting. Is it close to the safari gates of pench tiger reserve? If not, then is there any other key attraction close by, like a water body (river, lake), hill view, farmyards etc. A stay sharing its boundaries with forest is always a great place to choose.


Nearby Zone:

This is the most important point before planning for pench national park tour packages. You should find out that close to which tourism zone is that accommodation site located? Whether you have entry to other zones from this location or not? If yes, how distant are they? Because all these factors will either make or break your experience.


Month of Travel:

While doing pench national park safari booking, you need to select the accommodation keeping in mind the month of travel. If you desire to go for tent stay, you might want to change the decision if you are traveling in peak summers or monsoons. Though, the insulation of the tent might be good but the instant the mercury touches 40 degrees it turns out to be a furnace in first few minutes of entering in. Similarly in winters, when the mercury drops down to 5 degrees you will feel like you are napping in a deep freeze. So, it helps to figure out the kind of construction of the resort.

Prior to doing pench national park safari booking, you must pick up the ratings of the resort on forums like Trip Advisor. Read about the food quality, hygiene, safety, safari experience to know name a few. If the reviews are fake, somebody will figure it out, and remark on the same forum over again. Do not take the online response lightly or for granted while choosing your accommodation in the national park.
Reservation Process:

The reservation process of the resort while making pench online safari booking will provide you an indication of the quality of the resort you are choosing. If the process is smooth, unbroken, prompt and detailed, be guaranteed that you are getting into a good place. This will also give you an insight on how proficient and quick the processes are. It is a very significant aspect while finalizing good accommodation in the pench national park After all, this is the first link to the one of the best pench resorts.


Social Media Presence:

In the end, social media presence is the mandatory aspect. If the resort is serious about its quality, then the same will mirror on its website, facebook page, twitter, instagram or any other social media platform.

Hence, prior to making a pench online safari booking, do a thorough research on the above for couple of reasons. Firstly, it can make your experience of the destination either memorable or disappointing.Secondly, it can save you from having an unnecessary dent on your purse.


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