This is a huge hulk of Pench. Called BMW because of the notable marking of letters B,M and W  on  its left thigh. First sighted in 2006 this male is about 11 years of age. Bmw’s ancestry is unknown but he has fathered cubs of many pench tigresses.

Raiyakassa male

Raiyakassa male or Sula male is very much in his prime called sula cause of the wine glass marking he adorns.He has his territory in raiyakassa area.This 10 year old hunk is very charming and is favourite  boy of Pench.

Collorwali female

The famous collared tigress of India, she is princess of Pench. Together with her sister and two brothers she grew up under the spotlight of the wildlife ‘Big Brother’ TV programme, as the four cubs of the ‘Spy in the Jungle’ series, which was to be such a huge hit around the world in 2008.This beautiful lady rules the surrounding area near Pench River. Most famous tigress of Pench ,she is just 10 years old. And she has reputation of mothering highest number of cubs of about 22 in her life till date.

Baghinala female

Sister of the famous Collorwali tigress, this one is shy and reserved. She grew up in spotlight of her vivacious sister but eventually  opened up,got her own territory and has mothered multiple litters. Currently, she has 4 cubs all hale and hearty and lives happily in the Mowgli Land.

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