Winter Safari Calendar Of Pench National Park

Pench Tiger Reserve is an ever-changing wildlife hub that can be enjoyed all year round, but more during winter. Browse through our winter calendar to find the best time to go for Pench national park safari booking and chase your personal interests. Whether you are in a quest for the ultimate bird watching season, or eager to grab a sight of the iconic ? The Jungle King, looking for wolves and the safari expedition in the dense forests, Pench Tiger Reserve always assures you to inspire and offer the best to you. All you have to do is make your Pench national park safari booking in advance and enjoy the serenity of royal wildlife of Madhya Pradesh.

1. October
Opening up of all the major Pench entry gates and roads in Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh, Pench National Park is a delight for wildlife aficionado.
At Pench National Park, there is one more fact about deer family that they have a tendency to shed and re-grow their antelope, which has velvet layer and makes them look very striking.
To witness the activities of rare migratory birds like blue rock thrush, blue fly catcher, black redstart, black wing stint, October in Pench is well-thought-out to be the best month.
The feathers of Indias national bird peacock begin to re-grow by this month and they are visible comparatively more during your safari in Pench Tiger Reserve.
New Tigers are often traced; the alterations in their territory are also seen and updated in the records of forest department.
Further, the scenic wild aura can be enjoyed during your stay in Pench resorts. Apart from offering the benefits of luxury stay in the wild, travelers can also witness peace of mind for activities such as yoga & meditation in Pench resorts.
2. November
November to February is well-thought-out to be perfect time to make pench online safari booking. This is the finest time to experience the picturesque beauty and landscape of Pench Tiger reserve. The weather also changes in November and the normal temperature is usually around 22 degrees. With many tour operators offering pench online safari booking services, travelers can easily visit the jungle without any hassle.
Owing to dew drops and lush green grass, Tigers prefers to walk on roads and therefore the probabilities of sightings rises during early morning hours of the day. Further, water level starts decreasing and the wild boar gets energetic during this time. They start excavating the soil to eat earth worms, grass roots, amaltas and so on. Alikatta, Mahadev Ghat and Sapat are the hot places in Turia zone and celebrated for extreme sightings of the wild.
Another attraction of Pench Tiger Reserve is its popular Ghost Tree, locally known as Kullu Tree that starts fluctuating its color between the months of October to November.
3. December:
December is the month when the demand for pench national park tour packages is quite higher in comparison to the rest of the months.
This is because sightings steadily increases and people enjoy the cold moments of nature during wildlife safari.
Temperature in December varies from 18 degrees to 25 degrees in Pench National Park.
This has also been a best month for the sightings of sloth bear in morning hours and they are recognized for their activities at night.
This is also the breeding time for Sloth Bear, Indian Bison or Gaur. They are known to be largest species among the wild cattle family in India.
One more reason why booking pench national park tour packages during this month is best, is because of the small fair that is organized in which is known as Madai (fair festival), where the home-grown items are acquired and sold.

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